Wand Vibrators

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who have a trusty wand vibrator that they wouldn’t part with for anything and those who have yet to find a wand that gives them the oh-ah sensation so many of our customers feel when they try the Ultra Wand for the first time.

At Femme Funn, we like to, well, have fun. That’s why our wands are built with innovative features that put other brands’ wands to shame. Our Bougie Wand, for example, is made of anodized aluminum, so you can experiment with temperature play for a thrilling sensory experience.

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  • Intro to Funn Bundle
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  • Bougie Wand
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  • Ultra Wand XL - Personal Massager Wand - Femme Funn
    Ultra Wand XL
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  • Best Vibrating Wand - Ultra Wand Mini - FemmeFunn
    Ultra Wand Mini
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  • Best Magic Wand Vibrator - Ultra Wand Vibrator - FemmeFunn
    Ultra Wand
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  • Diamond Wand - Versatile Vibrator Wand - FemmeFunn
    Diamond Wand
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  • FFIX Wand - Powerful Mini Wand Massager - FemmeFunn
    ffix Wand
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