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How to Know If the Sex Is Good for Them Too

April 22, 2020

Sexual Health|

If you’re like most people, really great sex doesn’t just mean things were mind-blowingly good for you. You can’t help but wonder if you rock a partner’s world just as thoroughly as they rock yours, especially if you’re getting busy with someone new and they aren’t exactly the vocal type. Of course, you can always just ask them if you really want to know, but there are other ways to tell too. The following are some of the most obvious signs someone likes having sex with you just as much as you enjoy having it with them.

The sex is frequent.

When you really like something, you want to enjoy whatever it is as often as possible. This is just as much the case for sex with someone you’re wildly attracted to as it is a beach vacation or a favorite meal. Is the sex nice and regular between the two of you? Does your partner initiate it as often as you do? Are they eager to take advantage of surprise opportunities to get down and dirty with you a little more often than usual? The chances are excellent that they’re more than happy with your bedroom technique.

They’re affectionate after sex.

If you’re like many people, a round of amazing sex has a way of making you feel super relaxed and more than a little blissful afterward. You want to cuddle up close to the person who just made you feel that way, share some pillow talk, and partake in a few more intimate moments. Your partner probably isn’t any different. Are they affectionate after a good roll in the hay? Do you get the impression that they like letting that warm, close feeling linger a little after you’re done doing the deed? If so, you can rest easy in the knowledge that they had a good time.

They tell you outright.

Some people are more comfortable talking about sex than others, but when someone’s really blown away by someone in particular, they find a way to say so. After all, they want you to keep doing whatever it is you do that rocks their world so hard! They’ll tell you that you’re amazing at oral, that they love it when you ride them, or that they can’t stop thinking about how sexy you look in lingerie. No, not everyone is this expressive or direct, but if your partner is, you know that they’re having a good time with you and want it to continue.

You know you’re good in bed.

When you’re really good at something, you know it, and this goes for sex just as surely as it does any other type of skill. You just have a sixth sense when it comes to pleasing someone between the sheets, and you can just tell when you’ve done a particularly awesome job. You’ve almost certainly had people tell you you’re amazing in bed as well. That said, if your instincts are telling you that you rock your partner’s world, you’re probably right. Some people are just better at expressing how they feel in words than others.

Sex is often spontaneous.

When you’re really driven wild by the thought of going to bed with someone, you aren’t always willing or able to wait for that next taste. How often do the two of you have spontaneous sex in general? Does your partner ever take you by surprise on the couch, in the shower, or on the stairs? Do they occasionally get handsy in public or outright tell you they wish they could have their way with you right at that moment? If spontaneous, playful sex that finds the two of you getting lost in the moment is a regular part of your lives together, you know it’s as good for them as it is for you.

They’re eager to please.

When you’re having sex with someone who’s several cuts above average, you feel naturally compelled to kick things up a notch when it comes to your own bedroom game. Does your partner go the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied in bed? Are they always looking to raise the bar when it comes to their own performance? Do they love exploring with new toys, techniques, and play scenarios? They know they hit the jackpot with you, and they’re serious about keeping you happy.

Communication just flows naturally.

When sex is mutually amazing for both partners, there’s a certain easiness about the way they communicate. Does your partner feel comfortable sharing their innermost fantasies and sexual thoughts? Do they often let you know that you’re the first person they’ve felt comfortable sharing something in particular with? It’s because they feel totally connected to you sexually and trust you with that most vulnerable side of themselves. What better proof could you hope for?

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