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Stuck Apart? Here’s How to Keep It Sexy

April 15, 2020

Sexual Health|

Whether you’re under quarantine apart from your partner thanks to the coronavirus pandemic or have been doing the long-distance thing for a while now, it goes without saying that it’s tough to be stuck apart. This is especially the case in the sex department, but not to worry.

You may be apart physically, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel that way when it comes to your intimate life, especially with modern technology in your corner. Here are a few ideas for keeping things passionately dirty when you can’t physically be with your partner.

Preparing for the Possibilities

Getting ready to indulge in some long-distance sex is a lot like getting ready to shoot a video blog, have a Zoom meeting with a client, or get serious about a selfie session. Setting matters, especially if you want to include video.

Give some thought to the potential scene of the crime, so to speak. Choose a spot in your home that’s comfortable and feels sexy to you, but that allows for a visually appealing view from your partner’s side of the equation. Add some special touches that help it look lush and sensual on camera.

You’ll want to make sure any tech you’ll be using is in good working order as well. There’s nothing worse than a webcam glitch or a laptop snafu at the worst possible moment when it comes to long-distance sex play. Be sure to triple-check the security of your online connection as well. Long-distance or otherwise, you don’t want a stranger getting a hold of any private footage.

Talking It Out

If you and your partner are committed or have otherwise been together a long time, then you probably have a pretty good idea already of how they’ll feel about what you’ve got planned. If not though, it’s probably a good idea to talk things over first, instead of simply springing a surprise cam show on the person the next time you make a Skype date to chat.

Ask them how they feel about giving long-distance sex a try. If they’re game, take turns suggesting things you each think would be hot. Would your partner like to see you all dolled up in something special (or vice versa)? Do you like the idea of watching each other play with toys? This is a great excuse to have a frank discussion about your fantasies and to explore new territory, so take advantage of it.

Easing into Things

So, you’ve set a date for doing the deed, and now you’re all set. You’re theirs, and they’re yours for the next couple of hours. What’s the best way to get started? You don’t have to launch right into a full-on striptease or anything right away (unless you want to, that is).

Break the ice with some casual conversation of the type you’d normally have so you can get nice and comfortable. If you like, you can let your partner watch you undress or sensually change into something sexy while you continue to talk to them about their day or anything else you like. Allowing them to watch you shower is another great idea, as is simply transitioning the conversation to sexier territory. The idea is to think of clever ways to break the ice and get them all hot and bothered at the same time.

The Art of Dirty Talk

Making your play sound sexy is just as important as making sure everything looks the part. It’s naturally even more important if you’ll be engaging in an audio-only session over the phone. Use your sultriest, most seductive bedroom voice. If you’re comfortable with dirty talk, feel free to fall back on your usual go-to moves.

If you’re new to talking dirty, you can wait to get into things until you’re genuinely aroused. Touch yourself a little, or let your partner watch you take your favorite luxury vibrator for a spin. Describe how good everything feels and talk about the things you’d be doing to them if you were physically in the same room together.

Find Your Groove

How the actual sex goes is completely up to you, but don’t be afraid to get creative. Use your hands if you like, but don’t be afraid to get a favorite toy involved. Make sure your partner has a good view of the action and vice versa. Then feel free to simply lose yourselves as you watch (and listen to) each other enjoy every moment, including your respective big finishes.

If you like, you can even save some recordings of your spiciest sessions to watch together in the future. Just be careful not to let the footage fall into the wrong hands and resist the urge to post it anywhere online. Long-distance sex is a fun, satisfying way to enjoy each other anytime you have to be apart. Make the most of it and enjoy it!

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