Meet the Momenta: An Innovative Approach to Kegel Balls

If you’re like most women, then chances are you’re aware of the benefits of making Kegel exercises a part of your ongoing self-care routine. Not only do Kegels help you tone and maintain the muscles of your pelvic floor, but they can improve your sex life, as well. (Think stronger orgasms and a tighter fit!)

Adding a set of Kegel balls to the mix can help you get more out of your Kegel sessions and elevate the experience in various ways. However, not all the options out there on the market are created equally. The incredible Momenta from FemmeFunn is one pick that you’re unlikely to regret, though. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of using Kegel balls, as well as the perks of using the Momenta, in particular.

Why Add Kegel Balls to the Mix?

Most women understand that Kegels are basic “clench and release” moves designed to tone and activate the pelvic floor. However, many women aren’t always sure whether they’re doing them correctly, targeting the right muscles, or benefiting the way that they should be. Kegel balls take a lot of the guesswork out of the process, as they’re specially designed to locate and target the right muscles accurately.

Many Kegel ball options are designed to bring some additional pleasure to the table while you’re using them, as well. Momenta Kegel Balls are one of these options, so you’ll definitely want to give it a second look if you want your Kegels to be more than just another item on your daily to-do list.

Sensation Sure to Curl Your Toes

The Momenta makes the process of getting in your daily Kegel session positively orgasmic thanks to a suite of delectable sensations you’ll love. First, the Momenta’s unique design produces a pleasant rattling sensation that feels just like heaven when applied to all those sensitive internal nerve endings. Just slip it into place, and enjoy the ride as you go about your daily business.

A multi-function vibration feature even further enhances the Momenta for even more naughty fun. A powerful FemmeFunn motor delivers deep, rumbling vibrations that are sure to hit you just right. It also comes equipped with ten different functions to explore and experiment with. Last but not least, there’s a handy memory feature, as well, so your Momenta is always ready to pick things up right where you last left off.

Deliciously Practical and User-Friendly

Some sex toys may be complicated and come attached to a bit of a learning curve, but you can rest easy in the knowledge the Momenta isn’t one of them. A foolproof design slides in easily with a bit of lube (if you need it) and settles into place naturally, so you don’t have to guess at whether it’s in the right spot.

A slim-fit stem connects the double-ball body of the Momenta inside you to the controls that sit comfortably on the outside, so fine tuning your experience is always simple. The Momenta is made of ultra-premium medical grade silicone, as well. Not only does it feel velvety smooth against your skin, but it’s body-safe and practically effortless to care for. Elaborate cleaning routines simply aren’t part of the mix when you choose the Momenta.

Fits Comfortably into Your Life

You only need to limit your use of the Momenta to private, at-home solo use if you want to. It’s designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and gel with a wide variety of situations.

Compact, ultra-portable dimensions mean your Momenta Kegel Balls are capable of going wherever you go. Take it with you in your carry-on luggage or overnight bag, so you’re never without it when you go out of town. Slip it into your purse, your glove compartment, or pocket on your way out the door, so it’s always at the ready.

Your Momenta’s also a perfect fit for a little discreet, naughty fun anytime and anywhere. Its wirelessly controlled motor is powerful, but it’s also whisper-quiet, so no one knows you’re enjoying a little something special except for you. It’s also waterproof, so feel free to enjoy your next Kegel session in the shower or tub. You’ll love what it does for your morning routine!