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Sexual Health 101: What Every Woman Needs to Know to Stay Her Healthiest and Sexiest

May 22, 2019

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Most sexually empowered women definitely understand that there’s a direct connection between the quality of one’s sex life and the overall state of their health. Sexual health in particular can have a huge impact on factors like desire, as well as how satisfied overall a woman tends to be with the quality of her sex life. Here we’ll go over everything you need to know to keep your sex life completely in the pink.

How to Communicate Needs and Desires

Some women are naturally more comfortable being frank and open about topics like sex than others, but every woman should prioritize becoming comfortable with such things if she isn’t already. To begin with, communication is an important part of seeing to your personal safety and ongoing sexual health. The more thoroughly you understand a potential partner’s sexual history, stance on birth control, and so forth, the better.

Communication is also an essential factor in making sure your needs are being met in bed. Even the most attentive, generous partner isn’t psychic. They need to hear from you when it comes to what pleases you, intrigues you, or puts you off. Sexually empowered women not only know what they want from a sex partner, but they know how to ask for it with confidence whether it’s a fantasy they’d like to take for a spin, a position change, a  toy they’d like to try using together, or something else altogether.

How Staying Healthy Makes Sex Better

Whether we actually do it or not, we all know we should be eating right, exercising enough, and taking the initiative to really take care of our bodies. It’s not just about living longer either. It’s about drastically improving the quality of every aspect of our lives, both in and out of the bedroom.

  • Nourishment: Your body’s performance is only going to be as good as the fuel you give it to run on. An active, satisfying sex life starts with a balanced diet high in good, nourishing, whole foods and low in processed junk foods, sugar, bad fats, and unhealthy additives.
  • Exercise: Hitting the gym and sticking with a regular exercise program does a lot to take your bedroom game to the next level. You build strength, stamina, and flexibility – all things that really help you bring your A-game to the table. Exercise also helps build confidence in how you look and perform, something that will definitely help you feel sexier and less inhibited.
  • Don’t forget to include those ever-important Kegels as part of your ongoing exercise routine as well! Adding a set or two of pelvic floor-strengthening Kegels to your daily routine will help you maintain vaginal tightness and tone, recover more quickly from childbirth, and lower your likelihood of developing urinary incontinence issues as you age. A strong pelvic floor means stronger, better quality orgasms as well.
  • Smoking and Alcohol: Smoking isn’t just bad for your lungs and heart. It can also affect blood vessels all over the body, including those that serve your genitals. This can in turn affect your ability to produce adequate lubrication, become completely aroused, and reach orgasm.
  • Too much alcohol can be just as bad for your sex life. While a cocktail or two can make sex more enjoyable for many people by lowering inhibitions, too much can drastically affect sexual performance for both men and women. Not only does it make it harder to become and stay aroused, but it can also interfere with your ability to have an orgasm.

What Products and Toys Make Sex Better

Don’t make the mistake of thinking lube is an “only as needed” type of product. Lube can be a great way to enhance many types of sex. There are plenty of reasons why your body might not create as much natural lubrication as you’d prefer, including monthly hormonal fluctuations, age, and various medications. The right lube definitely makes this less frustrating and takes some of the pressure off of you as far as performing.

Lube can make sex better overall as well. Even standard, no-frills lube helps convey sensation and aid arousal, but there are lots of other options to try if you’re feeling adventurous. Some lubes let you play with sensation by producing a warming or cooling effect. Others add delectable scents or flavors to the mix, making them wonderful ways to enhance both partnered sex and solo play.

Every woman owes it to herself to invest in a couple of really good sex toys as well. Vibrators, massagers, and other options let you take full control of your own pleasure, as well as get to know your body on an entirely new level. The more you know about what types of touch your body prefers, the better every types of sex becomes. Toys make fantastic ways to enhance sex with a partner as well, so definitely make them part of your repertoire. Your sexual satisfaction (and your partner’s) will thank you for it!

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