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Ten Ways to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2022

Sexual Health|

Roses are red, violets are blue, and organizing the perfect Valentine’s Day— isn’t always easy to do! In other words, Valentine’s Day can involve a lot of fuss and a stack of pressure, regardless of your relationship status. But this really doesn’t need to be the case!  

While the day of love is essentially the hallmark of Hallmark holidays, there are many non-cliché ways to celebrate and express your love—romantic or otherwise. 

While virtually every company on earth will attempt to sell you something cheesy to commemorate the day, you (and your person) deserve a genuinely delightful experience, not just some red plastic junk that you’ll forget by March. 

And while gimmicky Valentine’s Day gifts are enjoyable in their own right, they are oh-so-much better when they’re meaningful. (While we’re on the subject, have a squiz of our not-so-lame list of the Seven Sexy Sex Toys You Should Buy this Valentine’s Day)

To help spread the love this year, we’ve compiled 10 Valentine’s Day ideas to make it the magical day you deserve.

1. Create a list of your fantasies

As seductive as it can be to have your S.O. whisper their desires to you, the fact is that expressing those fantasies out loud may be a little nerve-wracking! 

Putting pen to paper can help you regain your sexual confidence. Schedule a time to write letters detailing your deepest desires in advance and then exchange them with one another. 

You can trade on Valentine’s Day or before if you require additional props. Or, instead, go for the major reveal on Valentine’s Day and focus only on reading the sensual erotica you’ve written, rather than putting yourself on the spot.

2. Share the fun with a new sex toy

Sex toys used by couples are an excellent way to deepen intimacy, explore sexuality, and discover what works for you. If you’ve never tried partnered play with sex toys before, things may seem a little strange at first, and you’re bound to have some questions about how to get started. 

Fortunately, there is little distinction between solo play and using a toy with a partner (and to be frank, you could use most of the toys you use during partnered play as well!) 

Incorporating sex toys into your playtime opens up a plethora of exciting opportunities and, if both partners are keen, may prove to be a great complement to any sex life.

Ten Ways to Spice Up Your Valentine's Day - Sign up for Tantra Classes FemmeFunn

3. Take a virtual tantra lesson as a couple

In fact, any workshop or class will suffice, but tantra would be ideal for a steamy Valentine’s Day sex session since you and your lover will enjoy the benefits long after the program has ended. 

These sessions are geared at teaching proper touch, intimacy, and massage skills in a fun and seductive manner. Expect to learn new moves, participate in bonding exercises, and master new sensuous touching skills to keep the sexual energy running high.

4. Incorporate some role-play during sex

Prepare a “bar” in your kitchen for your meeting. Then, when your significant other sit next to you, introduce yourself. From there, you and your partner can act out a scenario using entirely different vocations and names. 

The options are virtually limitless! Take it to your bedroom and conclude your role-play fantasy with a fantastic finale. 

5. Create a playlist on Spotify

Combine your favorite sexy songs into a special Valentine’s Day playlist. Add your favorite tunes, making sure that there’s a variety of beats and tempos to ensure all kinds of rides during your numerous sex sessions.

6. Include your favorite meals

Feed your lover ice cream, chocolate mousse, or other favorite sweet treats while in bed. Whoever stated dessert had to be served at the dinner table was severely mistaken. Dessert never tasted better!

Ten Ways to Spice Up Your Valentines day

7. Recreate your first date

Return to where it all began, and recreate your first date, this time from home. Whether you’re preparing your first cocktails together or recreating the atmosphere of a messy college bar in your own house, this is a great way to reignite those first sparks, laugh about the embarrassing times, and relish how far you’ve come together.

8. Get massaging

Romantic date ideas don’t need to be complicated! Let the sensual power of touch take over and give your partner a seductive massage. 

Get your massage oil ready, warm the towels, and create some ambiance by lighting some candles and playing some music to set the tone.

9. Sext up a storm

Over the course of the day, send each other brief, sexually explicit texts outlining your plans for each other that evening.  Besides having a hot script to act out, the buildup of anticipation will definitely drive them wild!


Ten Ways to Spice Up Your Valentines day give them a gift card

10. Give them a gift card for you

Yes, we know…this sounds a bit weird and confusing, but hear us out! If you’re genuinely committed to the Sex Holiday vibe, purchase a gift card to a lingerie store of your choice, and write down your sizes with a message that reads, “You choose!” It’s basically a win-win for both parties – they get to see you in sexy lingerie, and you get to keep it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, don’t feel bad about wanting to give it a miss altogether.  However, if you wish to participate in the celebrations, there is plenty of fun to be had that doesn’t entail a lot of fanfare. 

Valentine’s Day activities should focus on spending quality time with your favorite people celebrating the love in your life. 


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