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Traveling with your sex toy: Ten tips to help you fly under the radar

December 16, 2021

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In a time where we’re bombarded with constant worry about work and everything else in between, the last thing you want to ever stress about is traveling with your sex toy

The easiest thing to do would be to leave your trusty vibe at home, but why would you do that when you can bring it along and have fun on your vacation? 

Yet, the struggle is real when you have to agonize over questions like, should you pack them in your checked luggage or your carry-on? What if a TSA agent pulls them out in front of everyone in the middle of the security line?

What if it starts vibrating in your bag, someone believes it’s a bomb, and they have to ground the plane only to discover it’s your vibrating dildo? Or, even worse, what happens if your luggage starts making weird sounds as you greet your parents or in-laws?

Fortunately, you can stop catastrophizing—there are precautions you may take to avoid this. While we all know that traveling, especially abroad, is never that simple—don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Consider this your handy traveler’s guide to navigating all the challenges when traveling with your sex toy.

Tip 1: Investigate whether sex toys are permitted at your destination.

Customs differ from one country to the next. Your beliefs may liberate you, but other countries out there won’t necessarily agree with your views.

Some countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, and other Islamic countries, prohibit the importation of sex toys. Do your homework beforehand to prevent having your sex toy confiscated or, worse, being arrested.

However, should you choose to ignore our warning and take the leap in any case, take heed of tip #2!

Tip 2: Select toys that don’t look like sex toys

Imagine how mortified you’d be if an airport employee suddenly pulls out an 8-inch realistic dildo from one of your bags? Although it’s perfectly permissible, according to the TSA What Can I Bring Guide, being placed in that situation could be somewhat awkward.

If you’d rather not be caught in such a scenario, stick to small, discreet toys. And by discreet, we mean no realistic, phallic-shaped dildos! Also, since we’re always told to  “Pack light”  when traveling, the same rule applies to sex toys. 

Choose a toy that is little but powerful. Your ideal pick would be toys that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand (or less) but can deliver pure pleasure in minutes. Better yet, consider these charging cases which aren’t only super inconspicuous but also double as storage cases!

Further, if you’re packing uber light (and smart), you could always smuggle kegel balls for a really pleasant flight!

Tip 3: Quiet toys are preferable

When traveling, you never know how thin the walls will be, so pack quieter toys just in case. Think Diamond wand or Bougie bullet

Diamond-Wand-Vibrator-Turquoise-Bottom-View Bougie-Bullet-Vibrator-Rose-Gold-Main-Image

Tip 4: Drain the batteries (or opt for toys with a standby/ travel lock)

You don’t want any questionable vibrations in your luggage that airport staff will inspect. Remember, when traveling with a sex toy, you need to stay well under the radar. Any unwelcome attention may cause unnecessary anxiety.

Always remove any batteries from your sex toys before flying to prevent unwanted buzzing. Pack them separately from your toy, but remember to carry them with you. 

Otherwise, you’ll be spending your vacation with a lifeless toy. If you have a rechargeable toy, drain it before bringing it with you. 

Alternatively, you could opt for toys such as Cadenza, Plua and, Pyra, which have a standby mode or travel lock feature. 

Cadenza-Thrusting-Vibrator-Side-Profile  Pyra-Vibrating-Ribbed-Butt-Plug-Small-Dark-Purple-With-RemotePlua-Vibrating-Butt-Plug-Dark-Purple-With-Remote

Tip 5: Check-in or carry-on?

To be honest, whether you check in or carry on is entirely up to you. Check-in comes typically at an extra cost, but if you’d rather not face airport security while they rummage through your belongings, the additional expense may justify the convenience!

This could be especially true if you’re flying with a lot of sex stuff, if what you’re traveling with makes you feel particularly uneasy, or if you’re passing through an area where people may be more judgmental.  

Also, just because you’re checking in baggage doesn’t mean no one will look through your belongings after check-in (for security), so someone might see a strange-looking dildo, but at least you won’t have to look them in the eye. 

Nevertheless, if that does ever happen, remember this: Airport security sees all sorts of crazy stuff on a daily basis. After seeing plenty of sex toys on x-ray, they become pretty desensitized. 

And even if your toy is odd in appearance, the chances are that they have probably seen something similar before!

Tip 6: Place your toys in a clear plastic bag. 

Store your toys in a clear plastic bag or container. Besides being more sanitary that way, should your toys be pulled out of your bag, your toys will be seen, and there will be no need for unnecessary touching of your stuff! You never know where those grubby fingers have been, so for your own protection, zip them up.

Tip 7: Wrap in clothing and other soft items.

Vibrators and other electronic sex toys can turn on by accident when their buttons or switches bump something into your bag. Avoid this by wrapping your vibrator with clothing or other soft materials. 

This is quite useful if you don’t want to drain the battery because you’ll inevitably forget to charge it when you need it. This may also apply to non-electronic toys (such as dildos, plugs, or BDSM goods), which you can hide by wrapping them in your other clothes.

Tip 8: Don’t forget your lube and toy cleaner!

Two liquids are always essential for a good time: lube and sex toy cleaner. BUT, remember that liquid restrictions for carry-ons also apply to lube, especially if you’re flying. To be safe, stick to the 3-ounce rule. Make sure it’s no more than 100 milliliters/ 3.4 ounces. 

Anything above that may be considered risky, and it could be confiscated or disposed of.  If you play it safe and store your lube in travel-sized bottles, small bottle versions or even samples, no one should bother you!

Handy FYI: These days, many hotel soaps contain moisturizer — and moisturizer usually means oil, and oil equals destroyed silicone sex toys… and that could prove a costly mistake.

Tip 9: Condoms

Whether you’re accompanied by a significant other or not, bring an ample supply of your favorite condoms with you. Imagine getting all revved up just to have your night ruined by a lack of condoms. 

Though you may certainly buy some at a convenience shop, your preferred brands may not be available, which may be a real pain in the butt (and not in a good way!) You can also use condoms on your sex toys to make cleanup easier. 

Pack plenty of your favorite condoms if you’re traveling abroad. Size and quality vary widely from country to country, and you don’t want to be caught off guard. 

Tip 10: Keep calm and carry on

If you’re new to flying with a sex toy in tow, make every attempt not to act all fidgety. Airport personnel is trained to detect suspicious behavior. You haven’t done anything wrong, so relax. You only have a sex toy in your suitcase, not a weapon! 

Maintain your cool and remain calm. You’re hardly the first person to travel with a sex toy, so don’t act as if you’re carrying something illegal in your luggage.

And if the worst-case scenario really does occur and airport security searches your suitcase, simply state the truth. You’ve got a vibrator in your bag. So what? Traveling with a sex toy doesn’t make you a criminal. 

Rather, it just indicates that you are at ease with your sexuality and self-expression. Nothing is wrong with that. Be self-assured and own it. Save yourself from further questioning or snooping by remaining calm and confident in your responses.

Good vibration, funn vacation

Regardless of how society perceives them, sex toys rock and you’re perfectly normal owning one (or more!)  You may take every measure to ensure that your toys aren’t discovered, but the reality is that your attempts to do this may not always work. Your sex toys may still be found in your luggage no matter how hard you try to conceal them.

The most straightforward approach to avoid humiliation is to avoid being embarrassed in the first place!

Sex is a natural aspect of life. Wanting to have an orgasm while on a trip is not a sin! If the worst happens and your luggage is detained, or your bag is searched, keep your cool and be calm. Don’t freak out. 

If you come across inappropriate behavior, contact your local embassy and file a formal complaint. Always remember that you have rights. You should never be harassed simply because you want to enjoy your sexual freedom. Now, worry no more and go enjoy your travels!

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