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Why Every Man Should Have a Prostate Orgasm Once in Their Lifetime

A step-by-step playbook to guide you and your partner in your journey into an outer body orgasmic experience.

Did you know that by stimulating the prostate, you may intensify and prolong the pleasure for a guy? Well, ladies and gentlemen, start the presses because you most certainly can.

While penile orgasms are fantastic, that’s not all there is to men’s enjoyment.  Another organ, when stimulated, may cause spectacular full-body orgasms that push the boundaries of what male pleasure can be. 

Everyone, meet the prostate! Commonly referred to as a gentleman’s G-spot, because of the intense, unique type of climax it may cause, this walnut-sized gland is responsible for producing part of the fluid that makes up semen.


In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide to finding this backdoor wonder, how to bring his body to orgasm, and the potential benefits.

What is a prostate orgasm?

A prostate orgasm or “prostate milking” is a form of prostate stimulation or massage for sexual pleasure; however, this massage may have other advantages. 

(FYI: It’s called prostate “milking” not because the ejaculate looks like milk, but because of the movement used. So, just like milking a cow requires manual manipulation of the udder.)

It’s important to note that, while massaging the prostate generally produces a thin fluid called prostate fluid, many men report having intense multiple orgasms without shedding a drop of semen. (And here we thought that women were the only ones capable of multiple orgasms!) 

The use of therapeutic prostate massage dates back to at least the late nineteenth century when doctors began using it to treat prostatitis or prostate inflammation. Today, “prostate milking” mainly refers to sexual stimulation of the prostate, but “prostate massage” can refer to either sexual or therapeutic stimulation of the prostate.

Who can have a prostate orgasm?

Everyone with a prostate!

All people with prostates, regardless of sexual orientation or relationship status, can enjoy this type of stimulation. 

Furthermore, while prostate stimulation may be thought of as something older men have to do at their doctors’ advice, it may be fun for everyone and extremely gratifying regardless of age.



How do you find the prostate?

The location of the prostate (or P-spot) is generally the first thing people wonder about when prostate play comes up.  While it is not always visible straight away, it’s not difficult to identify within the body. There are two ways to find this pleasure treasure. 


External prostate access is a less direct approach, but it is ideal for those not yet ready for anal penetration. To locate it, gently push the perineum (the region between the anus and the testicles) until you feel a solid protrusion. 

The perineum is firmer near the front of the penile bulb, which is the inner ending of the shaft, and it feels softer and fleshier toward the back. This is the area you’re aiming for. You may not feel the gland, but touching it will likely cause the sensation of needing to pee. Stroke it with your fingers or a toy from the outside once you’ve felt it via the perineum.


The prostate is about three or four inches within the rectum, just beneath the bladder. It’s about an inch wide and feels like a fleshy bulb of tissue on the front wall of the rectal lining, almost like a soft walnut or a ripe plum.  

The prostate usually has a different texture than the rest of the rectum, so you should be able to feel it, especially if the individual is turned on. During arousal, the prostate begins to expand with blood and fluid, making it bigger and firmer.

How to Enjoy a Prostate Orgasm

1. Communication and consent

While many people may think that prostate play is the best thing since sliced bread, it is NEVER a welcome surprise when the individual is unaware it’s coming. And while we don’t know you personally,  we’re betting that you wouldn’t want someone randomly shoving their finger or toy up your butt without your knowledge or consent! Therefore do unto others’ bums as you’d have them do to yours and ask first.

You never know; your spouse may have some experience in this area and may also be able to offer advice. (Conversely, you might potentially be working with someone who has never done anything like this before.)  

Regardless, it’s critical to communicate so you can deliver the most appropriate touch. If you’re being penetrated, make sure to communicate any boundaries and needs — not everyone is a certified prostate massage guru. The more you share about what feels good, the better equipped your partner will be to do a good job.

Or, if you’re having fun on your own – you can skip this step… obtain approval from yourself and discover what feels good and what doesn’t.

That works well too!

2. Preparation

Relaxation forms a big part of having a prostate orgasm. Knowing you’ve taken the required precautions to ensure it happens comfortably and without any unpleasant surprises is a big part of relaxation.

In saying that — you might want to douche ahead of time.

While some individuals possess mystical intuition concerning the cleanliness of their rectums at any given moment, the majority of us won’t be 100% certain if the coast is clear down there or not. 

If you’re unsure, a brief douche or enema before you begin playing might be beneficial. This will clear the rectum, allowing you to concentrate on what’s going into the rectum rather than what’s coming out.  

Since the skin around the anus is thin, delicate, and easily torn, ensure that your fingernails are trimmed and clean.

It might be handy to have some paper towels and latex gloves on hand should you have any concerns about cleanliness.

3. Warming up

Prostate pleasure is primarily determined by how relaxed the anus and rectum are during penetration. When a person is frightened or uncomfortable, the anal sphincter tightens, making penetration unpleasant. 

Their prostate is also likely to be smaller and the experience less pleasurable. So, for the best chance at a prostate orgasm, the person being penetrated (and their anus) should be calm, comfortable, and aroused. The more at ease and relaxed they are, the more relaxed their anal muscles will be, and their prostate will become more apparent and sensitive.

Warm up by giving yourself or your partner a sensual body massage on whatever parts of your body feel comfortable to touch, starting by playing with various erogenous zones such as the nipples, necks, and genitals before heading towards the buttocks.  Massage the buttocks and external anal area with long, gentle grazes and strokes until your partner melts into your hands. 

If it’s your thing, a little spanking with a hand, crop, or paddle can also help. Warming up in this manner will enhance circulation to your partner’s anal region, allowing them to relax. 

It also demonstrates that you are concerned with their pleasure and comfort – you are here for their entire body, not just the glorious thing within their rectum. Do whatever it takes to feel both comfortable and stimulated. 

4. Remember the lube

Since the anus, rectum, and prostate do not self-lubricate, you’re going to have to keep things slippery yourself. Lubrication is essential for any form of penetrative anal play since it prevents delicate tissues from tearing and enhances pleasurable sensations.  

It also makes introducing anything into the anus — and subsequently withdrawing it — simpler and more pleasant. Apply a copious amount of good-quality lubrication to both the anus and whatever is being used to penetrate it before you begin. 

5. Stimulating the P-spot

What occurs next mostly depends on whether you’re stimulating the prostate with a toy, your fingers, or your penis. Still, in general, the safest approach is to gently put whatever you’re inserting into the anus and stop after it’s approximately 3-ish inches in. If you’re using something with a curved head, position it so that the curve is facing forward (towards the navel.) 

The curvature should either fit naturally around the prostate or provide direct pressure on it. Adjust as needed. If what you’re using lacks a curvature, tilt it slightly towards the navel or adjust it about until you or your partner can feel it on the prostate. 

Curve your fingers and feel about until you detect a plump, ridged protrusion with a distinct texture from the rest of the rectum. That’s right; it’s the prostate! 

The prostate comprises the left and right lobes. It’s better to begin by working the left lobe from left to right, deep to superficial, and then the right lobe. Repeat as desired by your partner, but make sure you’re not going for hours or really shoving your fingers up there since this will certainly create much discomfort.


Why Every Man Should Have a Prostate Orgasm Once in Their Lifetime - male orgasm

Try these terrific techniques for prostate stimulation

To determine what feels best, you’ll probably need to attempt a few different moves and experiment with pressure and speed.

Here are several approaches to try, whether you’re playing with your fingers or with toys.

Using your finger

  • Come here

Insert your lubed index finger gently into the anus and curve it upward in a “come hither” motion toward the navel. Continue the action, gradually increasing your pace as the pleasure grows.

  • Circling

Run the pad of your finger around the prostate and along the whole circumference of the gland. Change the pressure and pace and stick with the combination that feels the greatest, allowing the pleasure to build up.

  • Doorbell

Place your finger pad on the outside of the prostate and apply light pressure as if ringing a doorbell. To find out what works, experiment with different pressures or holding the press for shorter and longer times. When entering the anus, you can also employ the doorbell approach. 

  • Pulsing

Others prefer to clench and unclench their kegel muscles, pulsing what’s penetrating them against their prostate in a sort of knocking manner (which is actually what proctologists recommend people do with toys for prostate health.)

  • Vibration 

Any nice motion may be sped up to the point of feeling like a vibrator. This can be a little taxing on the wrist after a time, so keep this type of pace for when orgasm is imminent.

Using a massager, strap-on, or other sex devices

When playing with sex toys, you can really spice things up by experimenting with different vibration settings, as well as pressure and depth. (When it comes to activating the sensitive P-spot, check out these awesome options!)

  • Pressure

Controlling pressure with a toy is easy, especially when playing alone. Try pressing the toy against the prostate with increasing or decreasing pressure until you locate the sweet spot.

  • Vibrations

Prostate massagers with different speed and pulse settings. Experiment with the various settings to discover your favorite. As you come closer to climax, increase the vibrations.

  • Depth

Depth is another area where toys excel since reaching might make it difficult to get deep, which is what you seek. Try out different sizes of anal toys, or acquire a longer one that you can put as deep as your bottom demands.

Continue with this sort of stimulation until the climax is reached. However, pleasure is simply one of the perks of prostate play. Massaging and stimulating that area regularly helps flush out the prostate, enhance blood flow to the pelvic floor, and strengthen the pelvic muscles, all of which can reduce impotence and help prevent prostate cancer. 

In reality, prostate massage, often known as “prostate milking,” is something that many proctologists suggest to their patients to maintain a healthy, functioning prostate.

Aside from the intensity of the orgasms they can produce and the novelty of a new type of pleasure, the most intriguing element of prostates has to be their ability to deliver multiple orgasms. 

Because prostate orgasms can occur without ejaculation — a phenomenon known as “dry orgasm” — they do not experience the same refractory period that prohibits males from orgasming again. In other words, they can keep going all night long!

Attaining prostate nirvana

Just like the feeling of orgasm differs between the clitoris and the G-spot, the type of orgasm differs between the penis and the prostate. It’s not like a penile orgasm (although it may be accompanied by one.) Instead, it’s its own distinctive experience that can be a lot of fun to discover. 

Many people find it exhilarating to know that they can have an orgasm from more than one erogenous zone, and it can be liberating to have the weight of your sexual expression distributed over body regions other than the penis.

Anal play isn’t for everyone, but if you’re ready to give it a go, the reward might be an incredible full-body orgasm. Consent and safety are paramount, so after you’ve established that you can move on to the fun part: playing with your fingers, toys, and anything else that titillates your curiosity.