10 Funn Facts You Should Know About Your G-spot

10 Funn Facts You Should Know About Your G-spot

Although deemed the cherry on the cake when it comes to insanely hot sex, the elusive G-spot is one of the most hotly disputed topics in the sphere of women’s sexual health.

Yet, despite what you may have been told in your high school sex-ed class, the G-spot exists and is entirely accessible. The only problem is that few people can find it (with some critics insisting that it does not even exist!)

In the world of sex, erogenous zones, and other lovely things in life, the G-spot is like the VIP section of an exclusive nightclub—considered rather a big deal amongst those that get in and immensely frustrating for others who have yet to find the entrance. 

If you happen to be the latter, don’t despair. Just because you haven’t had a vaginal orgasm doesn’t mean it’s impossible! 

While some researchers believe that the G-spot is responsible for women experiencing orgasms during penetration, others purport that vaginal orgasms do not occur, often making it impossible to discern fact from fiction. 

To find out more about Club G-spot (where it is, how to find it, and other fun facts), we will dig deep and explore. Here are our top 10 facts about the G-spot. 

Fact 1: The G-spot is about the size of a coin

The G-spot is a super-sensitive area within the vagina. Composed of erectile-like tissue, much like the clitoris, it’s roughly the size of a small coin (although it can grow in size when stimulated).

Stimulating the G-spot feels fantastic and can lead to immense arousal, amazing orgasms, and even female ejaculation (we’ll get to that juicy part later!)

Fact 2: Finding the exact location can be tricky

While it is often assumed that the G-spot dwells in the upper wall of the vagina, the G-spot really lives on the inside of the vagina, approximately one to three inches from the vaginal opening on the front wall (this varies from person to person).

To find it, lie down on your back, take a few deep breaths, and relax. Insert your finger roughly a finger’s length inside your vagina, palm facing up. Press firmly on the front wall of your vaginal wall or make a tickling movement with your finger. You’re at the right place if you feel a spongy spot (it may feel a bit wrinkled).

However, it should feel slightly different from the surrounding tissue. If you discover the spot, keep pressing or ”tickling” it until you start feeling aroused. 

Once you’ve located your G-spot, share your newfound hotspot with your partner. As part of foreplay, for example, guide and assist them in finding it with their fingers first. 

You can also stimulate your G-spot when having sex. Thankfully, this does not involve complex aerobatic stunts in your bedroom—simply changing the angle of the penis is often sufficient. 

Lean slightly backward when you’re on top, for example, to ensure that the penis brushes against the front wall of the vagina, where your G-spot is located. 

This, like discovering your G-spot, may require some practice. Don’t expect fireworks the first time you try, but keep going. 

Practice always makes perfect!

Fact 3: There’s a reason why hitting this zone feels so good…it’s part of Team Clitoris

From an anatomical standpoint, the G-spot is the clitoris’ back-end roots and is part of the clitoral network rather than a distinct place in the vagina. The little pea-sized nub where the inner labia meet is just the tip of the clitoris, which separates into two “roots” up to four inches long.

This implies that when you stimulate the G-spot, you’re actually stimulating a wider portion of the clitoris than we’re led to believe. Essentially, a G-spot orgasm isn’t a one-woman show – if you really want to heat up this zone, be sure to first start with the clitoris.

Fact 4: Some researchers still think that the G-spot is a myth

The question is whether the G-spot is an observable feature (like your clitoris) and a legit part of the body that might potentially be identified in an autopsy. This is still being looked into and research is ongoing in this regard.

Fact 5:  If you feel like you’re missing out, don’t stress; experiment with other erogenous zones!

For physiological, psychological, or emotional reasons, many women are unable to get their rocks off through the G-spot. 

However, experimenting with a vibrator can help put you on the right track to mind-boggling orgasms. Just don’t become too fixated with the G-spot; else, you risk depriving yourself of experiencing other pleasures. 

Remember that each person is unique and you may have other sexual preferences. For example, some women can experience orgasm through nipple stimulation alone!

Fact 6: When activated, the G spot can result in female ejaculation.

Yeah, you read that correctly…a stimulated G-spot can cause a woman to squirt and reach vaginal orgasm. Female ejaculation is caused by fluid accumulation in the urethral sponge.  Ejaculation can occur if enough fluid accumulates and is followed by intense pressure (on both the G-spot and the clitoris). 

It won’t always happen—and, to be honest, it depends on how hydrated you are—but if squirting excites you, then go for it! Just remember to place a towel down before you get wet and wild.

Fact 7: The G-spot was named after a dude

This famous female erogenous zone was coined after a male gynecologist, Ernst Grafenberg, who first referenced it in 1944.  

Fact 8:  The G-spot is known as the sacred spot in Tantric sex

According to Tantric Sex Couples Guide: Communication, Sex, And Healing by Jefferey Dawson, this magical little area is known as the “sacred spot” in Tantric sex since it is said to be the woman’s most emotional and sexual center.

Fact 9: There is such a thing as a G-shot

According to one American physician, special injections can make the G-spot larger and simpler to identify. According to Dr. Justin Salerno, 87% of women became more aroused after receiving the injection. 

He even conducts ‘G-shot parties,’ when groups of ladies gather to have their injections simultaneously. However, the advantages of the injections only last a few months, so if you want to continue enjoying the perks, you’ll have to fork out more than $1850 every four months. 

Other medical professionals have major reservations about the operation and advise ladies not to undergo it. It’s intrusive, and it hasn’t been studied by independent scientists or approved by government agencies. 

So, even if it claims to improve your sex life, you should think seriously about becoming involved in anything that might endanger your health.

Fact 10: The Cowgirl, Doggie Style, and Closed Missionary position best stimulate the G-spot.

Some sex positions work best to experience G-spot stimulation during sexual intercourse. 

Try positions that provide you with more control over your movements to figure out what kinds of stimulation you prefer. While there are other sex positions that can assist you in doing this, here are three to try:

  • Cowgirl sex position

Allow your partner to lie on their back, then get on top of them and straddle them. This posture gives you entire control over the rhythm, depth, and angle of entry, allowing you to concentrate on locating your G spot. 

Rather than bobbing up and down, try moving back and forth to stimulate the G spot region against your inner vaginal wall. Change things up a bit, and don’t be shy to experiment with different angles and speeds. 

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  • Closed missionary sex position

A variation on the standard missionary position, this position offers more stimulation without penetration depth. 

You’ll begin by lying on your back in the missionary position, then move your legs together. Your partner’s legs should then straddle yours, providing for a tighter squeeze. 

While this shallow penetration may not be as deep, it offers a tighter feeling — and more increased friction against your G spot — which may be what you need to reach orgasm.

  • Doggy style sex position

Doggy style is another effective way to attain deeper penetration during sex. This position also makes it easier to switch the angle to best hit your G-spot. 

With your partner behind you, get onto your hands and knees. During penetration, experiment with changing the angle by leaning down on your forearms or pushing your hips backwards until you discover the best position. 

You can also try lying flat on your stomach with your legs dangling off the side of the bed and allowing your spouse to stand behind you and penetrate from there.

Do it for YOU and learn to rock your G-Spot

Contrary to popular belief, sex is not always quick and smooth sailing. Don’t be scared to take control of your sex life and discover what you prefer. 

If this means that you can find your G-spot and rock it, then, by all means, why not? But there is no rule that states there is only one way to orgasm. It may take some time to figure out what way works best for you, so be patient. 

Exploring your sexual preferences and body is vital to ensure a positive, pleasurable, and enjoyable sex life. Don’t be ashamed or shy for wanting to experiment and figuring out what makes you tick.