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Level Up Your Cowgirl: Stellar Ways to Make Being on Top Even Better

March 8, 2022


Do cowgirls have more fun? The Cowgirl, also known as woman-on-top and Reverse Cowgirl’s sister-wife, might just be the master key to greater sex. Why? Cowgirl positions can help women move in ways that feel comfortable to them, focus pressure in all the right places, and, for some women, set them up for more pleasure. 

Think about it… There’s a reason everyone knows the Cowgirl—it takes relatively little expertise to ride your way to the best sort of climax. 

When you’re on top, you can position yourself for maximum friction, stroke your clit with a hand or toy, and go at it according to your own preferred rhythm. It’s also ideal for a partner with a slightly larger package since you can control the depth and how much you want to take in.

If being on top isn’t your thing, that’s completely normal since we all have our preferences. Understandably, it may be super intimidating to be nude on top of someone, boobs all out, and entirely in charge of the sexing.  

Some women may also feel that cowgirl positions make them feel more self-conscious about their bodies or don’t know if they are moving correctly.  

These are feelings that, if embraced, can be conquered.  Focusing on pleasure rather than climax and focusing on how your body feels might relieve some worries.  

It can help you get out of your head and into your body, making it easier to have orgasms.

To be fair, focusing on your pleasure may make things easier, but what about the practical aspects like, what do you do with your hands, what should your hips be doing, or what should you do if your legs tire?

Yes, you may attend a class or just learn by doing, but chances are you’ll want a few pointers and techniques in your back pocket before getting ` the saddle.

From the basics to the best ways, here’s how to ride your partner like an expert when you’re on top.


Lube not only makes sex more pleasurable, but it also makes it safer. If there isn’t enough lubrication, whether natural or store-bought, it might cause minor rips on the penis or in the vagina. 

This may be incredibly unpleasant and increase the risk of infection, causing you to avoid intimacy altogether, which is obviously not ideal.


Bottom line: Give yourself plenty of time to become nice and aroused before penetrating, and use some lubrication to minimize pain.  

Take it slow

If the Cowgirl is new to you, don’t feel compelled to dive in headfirst. Take it slow. Slow down, change your hip angle, or inch down onto the penis or toy to allow your body time to respond. 

Since this position allows for very deep penetration, some individuals may find it painful because their partner may come into contact with their cervix. 

All sexperts agree: if the position is exceedingly uncomfortable, quit immediately and consult your doctor. And while it’s uncommon, Cowgirl can cause the most “broken penis” injuries, which is another good reason to take things slowly.

The critical angle

The Cowgirl does not mean sitting up straight on top of your partner at a 90-degree angle but rather leaning forward slightly (up to a 45-degree inclination) for the simplest and most comfortable penetration.

Keep it exciting

Vary the pace and depth of penetration such that no obvious pattern emerges. Begin with shallow, fast thrusts and gradually descend onto your partner every fifth thrust. 

If you’re having trouble finding a rhythm, try alternating between bouncing and grinding or altering your speeds to suit your comfort and enjoyment.

Use your hands

Experiment with your partner’s and your own hands. Have them place their hands on your hips for further leverage. 

When you start getting tired, lean back slightly and rest your arms behind you and on your partner’s knees to help shift your weight. 

For added stimulation, try caressing your breasts or playing with your nipples. This also serves as a nice visual aid for your spouse.

Do not be shy to take charge

Want to make Cowgirl even sexier?  Tell your partner not to move and hold their hands above their heads or use cuffs or handcuffs. 

Taking that power away from them will drive them insane as you show them how you like to ride.  Just make sure you discuss it ahead of time if you’re going to use the cuffs.

Also, don’t be nervous to ask your partner to take over

In the same way, just because you’re in charge doesn’t mean you have to do all the work.  It’s perfectly ok to ask your lover to meet you halfway and thrust from below.

Toys Toys Toys

Try reclining back to allow better access to your clit while you’re on top. If you need to stabilize yourself using your hands, ask your partner to hold the vibe for you. 

This can be incredibly hot since you’re handing them the reigns (or toys) to your pleasure.

Positions to ride your partner like a cowgirl pro!

The Upside Thrust

Instead of moving down onto your partner, have them lift their hips up to thrust into you. You can reach behind them, finger their backside, or slowly trickle some lube down your vulva and stroke your clit while they watch.

The Bed Squat

If you have a sturdy headboard, go off-label and grab it while you’re on top. Instead of kneeling, squat—you’ll have the leverage you need to grasp on and lean further back to obtain well-aimed penetration into the upper wall of your vagina. 

Make it sensational by getting your lover to join in on the action by stroking your clit.

The Win-Win

Raise your arms, run your fingers through your hair, arch your back, pushing your chest out as you pump yourself to heaven. 

Put a bit of lube on your partner’s fingers and have them glide their fingers along your thighs to really up the ante. 

They may not even need to move their fingers if they maintain them firmly on each side of your clit—each thrust will suddenly feel 200 times more incredible. 

(You could also consider using a small vibe with low rumbly vibrations, such as the Ultra Bullet!)

The Long Burn

While on top, position yourself so that your clit rubs against their pubic bone—this is where all the magic happens. 

Just don’t thrust this time. Instead, rock and rub lightly against them as you please. They get to watch you have an orgasm while slowly building up their own sort of explosion. 

The Hot Seat

Sit them on an armchair, climb on top, drape your legs over the armrests, and lean back, your hands resting on their thighs. That’s all! Your work here is over. 

They pump up from the bottom, and the slant allows them to cling to your top vaginal wall in a very enticing way. And all the while, they have an *awesome* view of you in all your magnificence.

The Mariposa

Instead of straddling your partner, try squatting and leaning back for a raw, super-animalistic feel. 

Change up the vibe by pushing your knees together, then apart, as your spouse enjoys the view from lying down and facing you. Allow them to move your legs or, even better, use a toy on you for variety.

Rope’em, tie’em, hold’em down and ride’em! Giddy up Cowgirl!

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