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FemmeFunn Funn Beads: The Ultimate Anal Toy for the Backdoor-Curious

December 4, 2019

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For years, anal sex had a reputation of being something that was only enjoyable for men. For women, anal was supposed to be painful, degrading, and just unpleasant on every possible level. If they did it at all, they did it to please their male partners, as opposed to because they got genuine enjoyment out of it themselves.

These days, while anal sex and backdoor play may still be taboo to some, it’s a lot more commonly enjoyed than it used to be, and definitely not just by men. More women are learning that when it’s approached correctly and with care, anal stimulation can be phenomenally pleasurable for everyone involved. Here’s a closer look at why it’s worth exploring for yourself, as well as why FemmeFunn’s Funn Beads is the perfect toy to get you started.

Why Some Women Love Anal 

Whether you’ve already given anal play a try yourself or are simply curious about what it could do for your intimate life, women who swear by it want you to know why. The following are among the most common reasons anal can be absolutely amazing for women.

  • Your anal area is packed with sensitive nerve endings with the same direct connection to your brain’s pleasure centers as your genitals. That means the potential for big pleasure, up to and including orgasm for many female anal lovers.
  • The mild taboo factor adds a hint of naughtiness to the mix that many women really enjoy.
  • When it comes to a woman’s orgasm, multi-point stimulation can be the key to super powerful orgasms that really curl toes. Anal stimulation can be as powerful when combined with classic clitoral stimulation as G-spot or nipple stimulation can be.
  • Adding an anal toy to the mix during intercourse not only adds to a woman’s pleasure as she enjoys herself, but it can make her feel tighter and intensify the entire experience as a result.

The key to great anal play is patience, relaxation, and plenty of good lube. Try it that way yourself, and you just might come to understand what so many women feel is so incredible about it.

Why Funn Beads Should Be Your Go-To Anal Toy Choice

If you’re brand new to anal play or simply prefer to explore the sensations involved on your own before you try it with a partner, FemmeFunn’s Funn Beads gives you a wonderful way to explore the best of what backdoor pleasure has to offer. Here’s a closer look at why it’s the anal toy to beat, hands down.

Versatile Design

The toy design team at FemmeFunn knows that a great toy brings more to the table than orgasms on demand. Funn Beads are lightweight, compact, and so easy to handle. It also features an amazing design that lets you explore the potential of your back door in more ways than one.

For instance, the firm but flexible shaft features appealingly pronounced ripples. This lets you use Funn Beads the way you would a classic anal probe if you wish. However, it also doubles as a set of anal beads and triples as an anal plug. Explore a wide variety of different sensations and play styles, the better to learn how your back door likes to be stimulated.

Powerful Vibrations

What’s better than a beautifully designed sex toy to experiment and explore with? One that vibrates, of course. Funn Beads are powered by one of FemmeFunn’s signature motors and features 20 different vibration modes to try. You’ll love the process of discovering how each setting treats your nerve endings to an entirely new experience.

Controlling your Funn Beads couldn’t be simpler thanks to a user-friendly one-button design either. It’s conveniently located at the base of your toy, so access is always easy, whether you’re playing alone or handing the reigns over to a partner for the evening.

Flexible Play That Fits Your Life

If you’re one of the many women who doesn’t care to limit enjoyment of her toys to her bedroom late at night, long after everyone else has gone to bed, you’re in luck with Funn Beads. Like many luxury toys in the FemmeFunn collection, it’s made to fit into your life by letting you play the way you want to.

  • A small, lightweight design makes it easy to take your Funn Beads on the go, whether that’s to a lover’s house for the night or across the country on a business trip.
  • The motor may be powerful, but it’s also whisper quiet for discreet, private play that’s nobody’s business but yours.
  • Funn Beads are waterproof as well, so definitely don’t be afraid to take your fun into the shower, bath, or hot tub with you.

And of course, Funn Beads are body-safe, so you can enjoy your pleasure in the knowledge that nothing about it is jeopardizing your health. Are you ready to explore the possibilities?

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