Meet the Booster Bullet: Versatile, Powerful Pleasure Done Right

Do you believe that life’s sweetest little pleasures really do come in small packages? If so, then the chances are pretty good that you’ve owned a bullet vibrator before. Bullet vibes are second to none when it comes to sheer versatility, so they’re perfect for pleasure seekers who love to explore and experiment. However, it’s important to understand that not all of your options are created equally.

FemmeFunn’s Booster Bullet isn’t like any other bullet vibrator you’ll find for sale out there on the market. Like every toy in the FemmeFunn catalog, the Booster was designed with a truly next-level use experience in mind. Let’s take a closer look at how the Booster Bullet can help you take your future play sessions to exciting new places.

Why Try a Bullet Vibe?

If you’re new to bullet vibrators in general, then you’re really in for a treat when you finally try your first one. Although bullet vibrators can vary somewhat when it comes to actual design and size, they’re collectively named for their recognizable bullet-esque shape. This makes them small, smooth, sleek, and relatively non-representational for the most part.

There are few limits to what you can do with a bullet vibe for that reason. You can easily slip one into a pocket, purse, or glove compartment and take it on the go, meaning your next orgasm is only ever as far away as you want it to be. They can be used to generate powerful clitoral orgasms or stimulate a wide variety of erogenous zones. They’re popular first toys for couples to use together as well, as they’re easily integrated into foreplay or lovemaking.

In other words, FemmeFunn’s Booster Bullet takes everything that’s already good about using a bullet vibrator and makes it positively great.

Unbeatable Power

The original Booster Bullet quickly became the gold standard to beat regarding power when it first appeared on the market, but the latest incarnation FemmeFunn’s been putting out there is even more powerful. To begin with, the motor really packs a punch, even in comparison to other similar toys that promise a supercharged experience. Creamy, top-tier silicone and a sleek, contoured design amplify that power by conveying sensation unlike anything else.

That power means the Booster delivers no matter what type of pleasure experience you’re looking to have, so it’s an appropriate choice for everyone. Are you new to vibrators and looking for a toy that will take the guesswork out of exploring your body and unlocking its secrets? Are you looking for something that will make you orgasm hard, fast, and consistently? The Booster Bullet is what you’ve been waiting for, guaranteed.

Multiple Modes and Settings

When it comes to the average bullet, you’d usually count yourself among the lucky if yours came with at least a couple of different speeds and settings to experiment with. The Booster Bullet actually features 20, each one more powerful than the last, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that one of them will be just right for every mood, situation, and occasion.

A simple, touch-button control system located in the base of your Booster Bullet makes exploring all of the settings a simple, intuitive process, even in the heat of the moment. It even comes complete with FemmeFunn’s famous boost button for those times you need a little extra oomph to push you over the edge in style. The Booster has a memory feature as well, so it’s always possible to pick up exactly where you left off whenever you wish.

Versatile, Portable, and Flexible

You’d think that a toy as powerful as FemmeFunn’s Booster Bullet would need to be much larger than your average bullet vibe in order to accommodate all those powerful features, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Booster is as small, sleek, and lightweight as any bullet you’ve ever fallen in love with in the past. (In fact, it fits easily into the palm of your hand.) That makes it easy to take your bullet on the go.

  • Slip your Booster into your purse in the morning along with your keys, lipstick, and other daily essentials to ensure you’re ready the next time an unexpected pleasure opportunity arises.
  • Sub in your Booster for your usual go-to toy when you’re getting ready to travel or go out of town. It will take up a fraction of the room in your luggage and won’t raise suspicion with airport security.
  • Got a partner who’s curious about using toys together? The Booster Bullet is perfect, as it lends itself well to an infinite number of play scenarios without being insertive or overtly phallic.
  • Your Booster is 100 percent waterproof as well, so bath time officially just got a little sexier.

In other words, the Booster Bullet is one of the most popular, celebrated toys on the market for many good reasons. Experience it for yourself firsthand at FemmeFunn.