Mini Vibrators

If you have difficulty holding a bullet vibrator steady or want something that can cover more ground, our mini vibrators can help you out. These cute little vibes are discreet enough to fit in your purse or pocket (making them ideal for travel), and even though they’re small, they definitely don’t lack power.

Trace over your nipples, clitoris, thighs, or any other spot that gets you going, and just embrace what comes. Or, surprise your partner during oral by using one of our mini vibes on their most sensitive areas. The possibilities are pretty much endless with these miniature pleasure products.

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  • Bougie Wand
    $146.99 Select Color
  • Best Vibrating Wand - Ultra Wand Mini - FemmeFunn
    Ultra Wand Mini
    $84.99 Select Color
  • Volea - Best Clitoral Vibrator + Fluttering Tip - FemmeFunn
    $89.99 Select Color
  • Bunny Massager - Mini Bunny Vibrator - FemmeFunn
    Bunny Massager
    $74.99 Select Color
  • Nubby - Pressure Play Mini Vibrator Massager - FemmeFunn
    Nubby Massager
    $74.99 Add to cart
  • Poly Massager - Mini Massager Wand - FemmeFunn
    Poly Massager
    $74.99 Select Color
  • FFIX Wand - Powerful Mini Wand Massager - FemmeFunn
    ffix Wand
    $35.00 Select Color
  • Stubby Massager - Mini Vibrating Massager - FemmeFunn
    Stubby Massager
    $74.99 Select Color
  • Stubby 2 - Pink Rabbit Massager - FemmeFunn
    Stubby 2 Rabbit Massager
    $74.99 Select Color