Realistic Vibrators

If you want a more lifelike experience, our realistic vibrators come in multiple skin tones and textures to provide a truly immersive experience. Some of our products, like the Wireless Turbo Baller, feature testicles for added realism, while others, like the Wireless Turbo Rabbit, have “bunny ears” for clitoral stimulation.

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  • Thruster Baller
    $154.99 Select Color
  • Thruster Rabbit
    $159.99 Select Color
  • Thruster Shaft
    $144.99 Select Color
  • Best Vibrating Dildo - Wireless Turbo Baller - FemmeFunn
    Wireless Turbo Baller
    $139.99 Select Color
  • vortex turbo baller dildo realistic
    Wireless Turbo Shaft
    $129.99 Select Color
  • Wireless Turbo Rabbit - The Rabbit Dildo - FemmeFunn
    Wireless Turbo Rabbit
    $149.99 Select Color