Lube & Toy Cleaner

Lube gets a bad rap for being messy or unnecessary, but at Femme Funn, we’re pretty adamant that lube is a must-have in most cases. Whether you’re with a partner or playing alone, lube can make things much more enjoyable. This is particularly true when using a larger toy or engaging in anal play.

Also, this probably goes without saying, but taking care of your toys is a non-negotiable part of being a responsible (and hygienic) sex toy owner. So, we have two toy cleaners specifically formulated to keep your toys clean, fresh, and ready for action.

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  • Adult Toy Cleaner Mist - Fragrance and Alcohol Free - La Nua
    Toy Cleaning Mist
    $23.99$28.99 Select Size
  • unflavored water based lubricant
    Unflavored Water-Based Lube
    $19.99$29.99 Select Size
  • honey vanilla water based lubricant
    Honey Vanilla Flavored Lube
    $19.99$29.99 Select Size
  • cucumber aloe water based lubricant
    Cucumber Aloe Flavored Lube
    $19.99$29.99 Select Size
  • strawberry coconut water based lubricant
    Strawberry Coconut Flavored Lube
    $19.99$29.99 Select Size
  • Foaming Sex Toy Cleaner - Fragrance and Alcohol Free - La Nua
    Foaming Toy Cleaner
    $32.99 Add to cart
  • watermelon mint water based lubricant
    Watermelon Mint Flavored Lube
    $24.99$29.99 Select Size
  • silicone based lubricant
    Unscented Silicone Lube
    $19.99$49.99 Select Size